Format Readability Enhancing in Basic Mathematical Operations

Caterina Azzarello, Dave Miller, Ben D. Sawyer, and Joanna Lewis


Towards Individuated Reading Experiences: Different Fonts Increase Reading Speed for Different Individuals

Shaun Wallace, Zoya Bylinskii, Jon Dobres, Bernard Kerr, Sam Berlow, Rick Treitman, Kathleen Arpin, Dave Miller, Jeff Huang, Ben D. Sawyer

JoV (VSS proceedings) 22

to appear

Space for Readability: Effects on Reading Speed from Individuated Character and Word Spacing

Shaun Wallace, Jonathan Dobres, Zoya Bylinskii, Ben D. Sawyer

Journal of Eye Movement Research 21

Microsaccades distinguish looking from seeing

Eva Krueger, Andrea Schneider, Ben D. Sawyer , Alain Chavaillaz, Andreas Sonderegger, Rudolf Groner, Peter A. Hancock


Optimizing Electronic Health Records Through Readability

Rachel V. Ball, Dave B. Miller, Shaun Wallace, Kathlyn Camargo Macias, Mahmoud Ibrahim, Ernesto Robalino Gonzaga, Olga Karasik, Dekai R. Rohlsen-Neal, Sarah Barrientos, Edward A. Ross, Abdo Asmar, Ashley M. Hughes, Peter A. Hancock, Ben D. Sawyer

JoV (VSS proceedings) 21

Considering the Speed and Comprehension Trade-Off in Reading Mediated by Typography

Shaun Wallace, Jonathan Dobres, Ben D. Sawyer

JoV (VSS proceedings) 21

Improving Reading Outcomes Using Digital Reading Rulers for Readers With & Without Dyslexia

Aleena Nicklaus, Shaun Wallace

JoV (VSS proceedings) 20

Individual Differences in Font Preference & Effectiveness as Applied to Interlude Reading in the Digital Age

Shaun Wallace, Rick Treitman, Nirmal Kumawat, Kathleen Arpin, Jeff Huang, Ben D. Sawyer, Zoya Bylinskii

Ergonomics 20

Glanceable, Legible Typography over Complex Backgrounds

Ben D. Sawyer, Benjamin Wolfe, Jonathan Dobres, Nadine Chahine, Bruce Mehler, Bryan Reimer

Ergonomics 20

The great typography bake- off: comparing legibility at-a-glance

Ben D. Sawyer, Jonathan Dobres, Nadine Chahine, Bryan Reimer


Accelerating Adult Readers with Typeface: A Study of Individual Preferences and Effectiveness

Shaun Wallace, Rick Treitman, Jeff Huang, Ben D. Sawyer, Zoya Bylinskii

Ergonomics 15

The effects of display size on performance

Peter A. Hancock, Ben D. Sawyer, Shawn Stafford

Human Factors 14

Google glass: A driver distraction cause or cure?

Ben D. Sawyer, Victor S. Finomore, Andres A. Calvo, Peter A. Hancock

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