We are studying individualized reading formats

Can different font attributes create a more enjoyable and efficient reading experience? We welcome you to participate in our short studies. Each study will teach you something about how you can read better – whether by recommending a font or a character spacing that you will enjoy more or read faster.

The Virtual Readability Lab Team

Shaun Wallace

is the architect of the VRL. He currently is a PhD Candidate at Brown University studying HCI and personalized behavior systems in-the-wild.

VRL Architect, Researcher, & Creator

Sam Berlow

is a consultant and CEO with a history of building high performing teams and innovative products.

VRL Typographer & Designer

Dave Miller

is a PostDoc at Univ. of Central Florida studying cognitive human factors and human-agent interaction.

VRL Researcher

Dekai Rohlsen

is an alumni of the Univ. of Central Florida applying his engineering knowledge towards innovation.

VRL Software Eng. and Research Assistant

Érica Castilho Grão

is a PhD Student at Univ. of Central Florida focusing on software development and user experience.

VRL Researcher

Shalah Dean Thomas

is a PhD Student at Univ. of Central Florida focusing on the reading ability and comprehension in the older adult community.

VRL Researcher

Md Mamunur Rashid

is a PhD Student at Univ. of Central Florida applying AI and ML to readability and neuro-ergonomics for health care systems.

VRL Researcher

Arjun Mittha

is a high school student at Branham High School who enjoys research and learning about Information Design, Math, and Technology.

VRL Research Assistant

Amy E. Giroux

is a laboratory associate at the Univ. of Central Florida focusing on readability in education and extended reality.

VRL Laboratory Associate

Stephanie Day

is a research scientist at the Univ. of Central Florida who studies the links between children’s learning difficulties, individual differences, the classroom environment, and achievement.

VRL Researcher

Alexandra Papoutsaki

is an Assistant Professor at Pomona College focusing on democratizing HCI and eye-tracking.

VRL Researcher

Jonathan Dobres

is a Data Scientist focusing on research in visual perception, interface design, and related areas.

VRL Researcher

Ben Wolfe

is an Assistant Professor at University of Toronto, Mississauga and the co-director of the Applied Perception and Psychophysics Laboratory.

VRL Researcher

Ben D. Sawyer

is an Assistant Professor at Univ. of Central Florida in Human Factors who studies how to build better human-machine teams.

VRL Director, Researcher, & Creator

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