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Virtual Readability Lab

We study how personalization can make your reading faster and move efficient

Find what works best for you!


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Favorite Font

Do you prefer this font or this one? We pit pairs of fonts against each other until we can proclaim one font victorious.

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Fastest Font

Which font do you read fastest in? We give you a set of short reading passages in different fonts to test the best font for you.

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Best Spacing

Does increasing or decreasing the spacing between letters helps you read better? Try this study to find out!

Font Champions


Favorite Fonts

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Fastest Fonts

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Best Spacing

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We want to study what can make reading more efficient!

We are studying individualized reading formats - changes to fonts, text sizes, character, and line spacings, that can create more enjoyable and efficient reading experiences. We welcome you to participate in our short studies. Each study will teach you something about how you can read better - whether it is by recommending a font or a character spacing that you will enjoy more or that helps you read faster.

We are excited by the potential of customizing reading formats to the individual!